5 Best Ways to Hire a Criminal Lawyer

Hire a Criminal Lawyer

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If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, accused of driving and traffic offences, firearm offences, drinking and drug driving, or something else, seeking legal representation can be necessary. When you hire a criminal lawyer, you can be guided through the legal system and receive the best representation for a potentially desirable outcome. However, choosing a reputable criminal lawyer isn’t always easy. If you need a helping hand, here are some of the best places to look.

On the Internet

If you type criminal lawyers in Melbourne into a search engine, you can find a long list of criminal lawyers in your area to assist with your legal defence. Don’t be afraid to take your time, view the websites of each, and find one that offers the services you need.

As you browse each criminal lawyer’s website, pay attention to testimonials and reviews, their years of experience, and the successes they’ve had with cases like yours. You might then be able to narrow down your options and choose a lawyer that gives you complete confidence in their abilities.

Through Friends and Family

If your friends and family have required criminal lawyers for their own wrongdoings, you might be able to rely on them for recommendations. Those closest to you would be unlikely to recommend a legal team they didn’t trust, or one they didn’t believe could help your case reach a successful conclusion. Even if they haven’t hired a criminal lawyer themselves, they might know of some in your area so that you have a starting place of where to look.

Legal Directories

When you’ve been accused of a serious crime for the first time, you might not be familiar with how the legal process plays out, which means you might also not know what type of lawyer you need to help you navigate the legal system.

Fortunately, online legal directories typically have an abundance of helpful information to start you on the right track. You can often find a list of criminal lawyers, articles covering the most frequently asked questions, and tips for how to bring your case to a successful conclusion.

Law Institute

If you’re not having much luck searching for a criminal lawyer through traditional means, consider broadening your search to include law firms through Law Institute Victoria or law societies elsewhere in Australia. Law Institute Victoria helps you find a lawyer in your town or city, and you can also narrow down your options based on your precise location and legal issue.

Take Advantage of Free Consultations

While the first lawyer you meet with might be more than suitable for your needs, that’s not always the case. You might not agree with their approach, or you might not feel like the lawyer you met with has enough experience.

As you browse the list of available criminal lawyers, identify those offering free consultations. You can then meet with more than one and decide based on multiple factors like fees and experience without any financial implications.

Hiring a criminal lawyer can be crucial for giving you the best chance of adequate legal representation. However, it’s important not to rush the process. Try these search methods above, and you might stand the best chance of selecting a lawyer you trust and have confidence in.

Six Reasons for Hiring Private Detective Companies

Six Reasons for Hiring Private Detective Companies

Have you ever considered hiring a private detective? Most people’s image of private eyes is inspired by crime TV shows and dramatic movies.

The good news is that detectives like Sherlock Holmes exist in real life as well. Nevertheless, the reality of their investigations is much different than what you see on TV shows. These professionals provide assistance to individuals and businesses in tracking down information and people, conducting background checks, investigating fraud, sweeping for bugs, process serving, etc.

There is a multitude of private detective companies, such as Anna Stowe Investigations Inc., conducting background, due diligence, and legal investigations.

These are the main reasons for hiring one.

Tracking a person

One of the most common reasons for hiring a private detective company is when you wish to track another person. The usual reasons why you might want to track a person are either to ensure his/her safety or to confirm their fidelity. For instance, GPS tracking has proven incredibly useful if you suspect the faithfulness of your partner. It can easily prove whether your partner was where he/she claims he was at a given time.

Moreover, GPS trackers are surprisingly precise in terms of pinpointing a person’s location. These devices can be set up for usage in the long term without the other person suspecting a thing. Businesses tend to hire private detectives to track their company vehicles in the event of potential theft or when suspecting they are used outside the fair usage policies of the company.

Investigating fraud

Another valid reason for hiring a private detective company is to investigate fraud. Private detectives can assist both individuals and businesses in situations where fraud might have occurred. These professionals investigate healthcare, homeowners, auto insurance, and other types of fraud by reviewing documents and conducting surveillance.

Investigating fraud

Furthermore, private investigators use surveillance programs to provide their clients with both visual and audio data showing the whereabouts and activities of a particular person. Consequently, you’ll be provided with the necessary evidence to back up your suspicion. In contrast, businesses usually require a fraud investigation to prevent embezzlement. Check out the following definition of embezzlement.

Another reason why a business looks to hire a private detective company is to run background checks on potential employees and avoid hiring someone with a criminal record, especially if sued for fraud. Private investigators are the right experts to contact for conducting background checks.

On the same note, they conduct not just standard background checks but also more detailed checks of someone’s personality. For example, many parents need a detailed background check on a nanny before trusting their kids to her/him. Additionally, individuals planning to hire a caregiver to look after an elderly person usually require a background check to be run on each potential candidate.

Tracing people

Another common reason why people hire private detective companies is when trying to trace other people down. When individuals go missing, sometimes, they cannot be found anywhere. The inability to find someone might impose difficulties or overwhelming emotional pain. It’s surprising how certain people vanish from the lives of others without leaving any trace. In such instances, the tracing services of private investigators might be of huge assistance.

Individuals require such services to trace missing parents, relatives, friends, partners, etc. Businesses mainly need tracing when struggling to find missing debtors. Conversely, landlords normally wish to trace missing rental tenants. When hiring tracing services for personal reasons, such as finding lost relatives, people have already gone through an emotionally exhausting process of searching for them.

Sometimes, individuals just wish to make sure their lost relatives are safe and sound without getting in touch with them. The private investigator will do his/her job without questioning your motif. Keep in mind that the best professionals offer both domestic and international tracing services. Follow this URL, https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-19360824, to see what happens when someone goes missing.

Sweeping for bugs

Individuals looking to keep their information private often hire detective companies to sweep for bugs. If a person or a business is a target of espionage, bug sweeps can help in retaining their privacy. You might be targeted by someone whose aim is to steal information from you and use the same information to blackmail you in the future.

When businesses are targeted for espionage, competitors are usually the ones to blame, as they wish to gain a competitive advantage. While most people believe that bugs are just planted in movies, this habit is more common than they realize. Bugs, in fact, are often found in hotel rooms. Nevertheless, a private detective can sweep any place for bugs and keep your privacy untouched.

Process serving

Another reason why certain firms, especially law firms, need to hire a private detective company is for the purpose of process serving. This term refers to the delivery of documents to a defendant and is usually conducted by a private detective, known as a process server. The main role of the server is to inform a defendant that he/she is in a legal case process.

Law firms usually hire such investigators to handle this task, as tracking defendants down may prove to be a challenging and time-consuming process. These professionals have the right tools to track these people down and serve the necessary documents in a prompt manner.

Forensic document scrutiny and accounting

Private eyes can be of tremendous assistance in the field of forensic accounting. Not all harmful crimes are violent. For instance, theft, financial fraud, and asset hiding can be equally damaging to businesses and individuals. The investigation process can be focused on bookkeeping, documentation, and digital record checks. Forensic accounting issues cannot always be resolved effectively by in-house personnel.

As far as forensic document scrutiny is concerned, investigators are skilled enough to evaluate paper trails to determine accuracy and authenticity. They perform verification of handwriting and documents, which is incredibly useful in many cases.

Final thoughts

Such detectives can be of great assistance in any of the above-mentioned situations!

What to Do When Faced with a DUI


No one plans to end their day at the police station, or worse, have to appear in court for a DUI. So you can imagine my experience as a first-time offender when I broke the traffic rule, crashed into stationary cars, and had to face the law. Now that it is all over, I can laugh about my mistake.

But the more I think of it, I’m happy that no one was hurt, and I only had to make repairs to the damaged vehicle and do some community time. Yes, I have to thank my lawyers for helping to keep me out of jail, but in all honesty, the entire experience could be completely avoided if I had taken a taxi home.

Getting into an Accident for the First Time

If you’ve ever gone on a long drinking spree with your friends and had to drive back home and made it successfully to your doorsteps, I surely need to commend you for that. This is not to say that it is the right thing to do, but driving under the influence is one challenging situation. But just in case, you want to ensure that you don’t do this regularly and avoid endangering the lives of others in your car or pedestrian or motorists on the road.

So to make things clear, you want to avoid drunk driving or take a cab instead when you’ve had too much to drink. It is better to arrive home drunk without your car than in the police station with damages. Or worse at the hospital with other casualties due to your recklessness.

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, you will agree that it is a life-changing experience. Hence the reason why I’m writing this piece is to share my personal experience. So how did I end up with a DUI and community service with a fine to take care of the damages I caused. You can read the not too interesting story below.

How it All Happened

The started with me driving to work oblivious of the fact that I will be spending the night at the police station. I got a message from a buddy of mine sometime in the afternoon reminding me of his party which was starting at 8 pm later in the evening. And since it was Friday night, there were no reasons not to attend. It had been a stressful month and since we were only getting out of lockdown from the covid-19 pandemic, it was only right to get out and have fun.

After work, I decided to make it to the venue which happened to be a local bar where we frequent in the past before the lockdown. “Many people are going to be turning up, and I’ve asked the attendants to make available enough refreshments and music to ensure we get our groove on.”

This was the message reply I got from my buddy when I asked him how the night was going to be before leaving the office. I went home to change and relax a bit before heading out to a night of fun. So at few minutes past eight, I headed straight for my car and drove off to the bar where I was going to have a good time with friends.

Watch How Much You Drink

You know the saying “drink but don’t get drunk?” I had to remember this the hard way with strong lessons learned on the importance of drinking to your limits. On reaching the pub, I quickly settled for a shot of Bacardi and thought the night was only starting. The place was full and as expected, a lot of people had turned up. So you can imagine how wild the celebrations were when we were only seeing friends and acquaintances after a long time indoors. Drinks poured continuously, and there was enough to eat as well.

I guess I had lost my inhibitions after about six shots of Bacardi and two bottles of beer. Things took a different turn when I was dragged to the dance floor and started dancing like I was back in college for the first time. I threw everything to the dancefloor, moving like someone who had been possessed by Poseidon, drunk like the gods themselves. My head was light, and couldn’t think of anything serious while the encounter lasted. I still can’t remember entirely what transpired during the party, but I know that I did end up leaving the place alone.

On the Way Home

On the way home
I must have found a way to get on the road driving behind the wheel intoxicated to the point that I must have vomited in the car at some point. This was evident after the crash when the police easily tell that I was drunk driving after a messy barf of alcohol and meat was found in the passenger seat next to that of the driver, and some more on the floor.

I can remember having poor coordination and vision and at some point, I must have ventured out of my lane into the next crashing into three vehicles parked on the side of the road. Luckily I wasn’t moving at a high speed. So I didn’t injure myself badly, but I had busted my nose, broken the left headlights and fender, and traded paints with the vehicle I collided with bending the bonnet badly. The impact was enough to move the car a little distance pulling two others behind with it.

Not much damage had been done, but as it was, I had to wait for the cops when the owner of one of the vehicles was drawn to the accident, only to find the occupant was a drunk driver. By this time, I was a little sober but still intoxicated from all the chemicals surging through my body. I was lying on the floor half passed out when the cops came and I was taken to the station.

Since I was incoherent, the cops had to use my license and registration to get in touch with my emergency contacts which happened to be my sweet mother. I can only imagine how she must have felt getting the call about my accident. I had to spend the remainder of the night in jail before mummy came to bail me out in the morning.

Appearing in Court

While it was obvious that I was going to be charged for reckless driving, DUI, and damage to properties, I had to look for a lawyer to defend me. It wasn’t hard getting someone to represent me as my parents had helped with reaching out to some reliable legal practitioners proficient in DUI cases. “I can see you are a first-time offender. This will help with pleading our case to the judge.

We thank God there was no casualty as that would have made this difficult.” “You could get away with a short jail time at worse.” “But I’ll work towards a fine or community service since you have no prior offenses.”

I felt relieved after my first meeting with the lawyer but still felt lucky that no one was hurt during the accident. I was shaken for weeks until my court date. And after the ceremonial legal proceedings, I was slammed with 6 weeks’ community service at any of the youth facilities in the area.

Not much of a penalty I imagined and was happy that the episode had finally ended. The owners of the vehicles weren’t pressing charges since I had agreed to take care of the repair expenses which was a large chunk for the three vehicles.

I did get my license withdrawn for a year and wasn’t supposed to be at the driver’s seat for the new 12 months. After 6 weeks’ community service and swearing to my mum never to drink and drive again, things started to get back to normal. I felt less guilt and could move on with my life. This link https://familydoctor.org/post-traumatic-stress-after-a-traffic-accident/ has suggestions on how to move on after an accident.

I was lucky not to lose my job but I did go for 2 months without pay, so it was my parents who had to shed out over $10,000 for the repairs and legal expenses. How can I ever pay them back I thought to myself? I guess it’s best to keep my promise and not allow a repeat situation.

What to Do When Faced with a DUI

DUINow that I have shared my personal experience with a DUI, I can now get into how you too can deal with a DUI case. While I’m in no position to give advice, I could assist you with how to make the best out of your present situation.

The first thing I’m going to say is that you want to avoid a repeat occurrence. So you want to promise yourself not to ever operate a vehicle or machine while under the influence. While I can’t tell you to completely avoid drinking, you want to know your limit.

It will also be best if you can get help if you suffer from substance abuse or addiction as this will help you to avoid a repeat occurrence. But since you have to manage your present situation below are some of the things you’ll need to do when faced with a DUI charge.

Get a Lawyer

A legal counsel is important to represent you in court and better present your case. You want to work with someone with the right experience with DUIs. So you want to search extensively, and the guys at mylocalduilawyer.com have got your back any day, any time. It is possible that the State can provide a lawyer for you in the case of a criminal charge, but you want to handle this yourself. The internet is an excellent place to find professional legal representation as there are numerous law firms with a website looking to offer assistance with your legal needs.

Your Court Appearance

You want to plead guilty especially if you were given a sobriety test as I did and you will be surprised to see the video of you in court in front of everyone present. And as you can imagine, you will get stiffer punishment for contempt of court. So you want to be honest with your lawyers so they can help build your case better. It helps if you are a first-time offender as judges are more lenient with such cases. But if there are such cases in the past involving you in a DUI or similar offense, there is a good chance to expect stiffer punishment.

Putting things in Order

Following your court appearance, you may have to forfeit your driver’s license and be fined heavily for damages to state property or injury to people depending on the extent of the damage. In fatal cases where someone dies as a result of the incident, you could be facing a jail sentence. But if you are lucky to escape with fines, seizures of the license, and probation sentence, you should be happy and focus on moving on.

You may have to cough out money for the repairs and bills associated with the incident and not to forget legal expenses. You may also need to take an alcohol evaluation to be able to get back on the road again. But there I no need to be in a hurry as you can take the time off driving to access your life and make the best use of the experience.

Visiting the hospital for a checkup is also advised as it is common to suffer internal injuries from the smallest of collisions. I broke my nasal cartilage and severed some vessels in my nasal cavity, but it wasn’t serious, and only spend a few hours in the hospital. It could have been worse if I had neglected medical attention. So make sure to visit the hospital no later than a few days after your arrest.

Final Note

A DUI could be a bad experience for anyone but there is a lot to learn moving forward. It could be the experience you need to shape your mindset better about putting your health and safety in the right perspective.

You want to do well to avoid using alcohol and other hard substances while operating heavy machinery. And it is always best to take a taxi home after a night of excessive drinking. You don’t want to take the risk and be caught unaware. You could be putting your life and that of others in grave danger.

How to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?


Getting an attorney to represent you in the event of an accident or injury claim is crucial to ensure that you get what’s is due to you. While you likely might not have any need for legal counsel any other day, you will require one when you need to sue someone or a company for wrongful doing.

And if you happen to get injured while at work or in your daily commute, a lawyer can help you get financial compensation. Need tips on how to hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you? There are suggestions below that could come in handy.

Ask for Reliable Referral

Accidents are quite common in everyday life, and someone in your circle may have dealt with such claims in the past. Asking those around you for referrals to a legal counsel to help you with an injury claim could help find someone reliable.

When working with a legal referral, you want to ensure that they are tried and trusted. So you want to only work with a referral from someone you trust. The lawyer needs to be someone who was able to help with getting compensation for the person. This will help ensure that you, too, will at least be able to present your case for better consideration.

And if it happens that they have a good track record of legal success, even better. You want to avoid working with someone who others can’t vouch for. So if you find anyone with a good portfolio and references, you stand a good chance of getting compensated.

Know What You Want

The legal profession is broad, and you will likely find many people and firms offering different services. So if what you want is help with an accident claim, you want to opt for a personal injury lawyer. The right person or team should have experience in the field you need assistance with.

Getting the proper compensation in the case of an accident will depend on the ability of your legal team to present your case correctly. And it helps if you know the right place to look in such instance.

You want to work with someone who has the right experience and is easy to communicate with. So you want to be aware of who you will be working with during the course of your legal battle. Will you be dealing with them directly or their assistants or paralegal? These are some of the things you want to weigh in on when looking for the right personal injury lawyer to hire. This link https://www.forbes.com/advisor/car-insurance/car-accident-insurance-claim/ has suggestions for what to do when looking for an accident claim against someone else’s insurance.

Reputation and Professionalism

Reputation and Professionalism
Only professionals can indeed provide you with a good representation in a legal case. So you want to only go for a reputable lawyer. You want to closely look at their portfolio to ensure that they have the right qualifications to deliver top-notch service. It will be in your best interest to work with someone with extensive legal knowledge and present your case properly in the law court.

If hiring over the internet, you want to check that they provide just the services you need and are registered with the proper authorities. Having someone with a good reputation when it comes to legal affairs is ideal for getting the compensation you need. It helps if they have won many personal injury claims for their past clients.

Look at Different Legal Portfolios

You should consider checking different legal practitioners when looking for legal representation for an injury claim. This will help with comparing various services and work with one that can meet your requirements. It will help you give them a call or visit them to discuss your case and see how best they can represent you. Remember that they have to be registered and have won many cases for their clients in the past.

Cost of Legal Services

You should work with an attorney who can provide you with the best services, not just one with the cheapest fees. Depending on the lawyer you work with, it is possible to pay them after you have been compensated. Some may require a percentage of the compensation amount or take a flat fee. You want to discuss this with your attorney to know how to make settlements. This website has more on keeping legal costs to the minimum.

Final Note

A personal injury lawyer could help you win a case in the event of an accident claim that results in your getting injured. Remember to get the proper medical attention and take note of all the expenses made during the course of your ordeal. Lastly, you should hire an experienced and qualified lawyer in resolving accident claims, so you want to research carefully.