Six Reasons for Hiring Private Detective Companies

Six Reasons for Hiring Private Detective Companies

Have you ever considered hiring a private detective? Most people’s image of private eyes is inspired by crime TV shows and dramatic movies.

The good news is that detectives like Sherlock Holmes exist in real life as well. Nevertheless, the reality of their investigations is much different than what you see on TV shows. These professionals provide assistance to individuals and businesses in tracking down information and people, conducting background checks, investigating fraud, sweeping for bugs, process serving, etc.

There is a multitude of private detective companies, such as Anna Stowe Investigations Inc., conducting background, due diligence, and legal investigations.

These are the main reasons for hiring one.

Tracking a person

One of the most common reasons for hiring a private detective company is when you wish to track another person. The usual reasons why you might want to track a person are either to ensure his/her safety or to confirm their fidelity. For instance, GPS tracking has proven incredibly useful if you suspect the faithfulness of your partner. It can easily prove whether your partner was where he/she claims he was at a given time.

Moreover, GPS trackers are surprisingly precise in terms of pinpointing a person’s location. These devices can be set up for usage in the long term without the other person suspecting a thing. Businesses tend to hire private detectives to track their company vehicles in the event of potential theft or when suspecting they are used outside the fair usage policies of the company.

Investigating fraud

Another valid reason for hiring a private detective company is to investigate fraud. Private detectives can assist both individuals and businesses in situations where fraud might have occurred. These professionals investigate healthcare, homeowners, auto insurance, and other types of fraud by reviewing documents and conducting surveillance.

Investigating fraud

Furthermore, private investigators use surveillance programs to provide their clients with both visual and audio data showing the whereabouts and activities of a particular person. Consequently, you’ll be provided with the necessary evidence to back up your suspicion. In contrast, businesses usually require a fraud investigation to prevent embezzlement. Check out the following definition of embezzlement.

Another reason why a business looks to hire a private detective company is to run background checks on potential employees and avoid hiring someone with a criminal record, especially if sued for fraud. Private investigators are the right experts to contact for conducting background checks.

On the same note, they conduct not just standard background checks but also more detailed checks of someone’s personality. For example, many parents need a detailed background check on a nanny before trusting their kids to her/him. Additionally, individuals planning to hire a caregiver to look after an elderly person usually require a background check to be run on each potential candidate.

Tracing people

Another common reason why people hire private detective companies is when trying to trace other people down. When individuals go missing, sometimes, they cannot be found anywhere. The inability to find someone might impose difficulties or overwhelming emotional pain. It’s surprising how certain people vanish from the lives of others without leaving any trace. In such instances, the tracing services of private investigators might be of huge assistance.

Individuals require such services to trace missing parents, relatives, friends, partners, etc. Businesses mainly need tracing when struggling to find missing debtors. Conversely, landlords normally wish to trace missing rental tenants. When hiring tracing services for personal reasons, such as finding lost relatives, people have already gone through an emotionally exhausting process of searching for them.

Sometimes, individuals just wish to make sure their lost relatives are safe and sound without getting in touch with them. The private investigator will do his/her job without questioning your motif. Keep in mind that the best professionals offer both domestic and international tracing services. Follow this URL,, to see what happens when someone goes missing.

Sweeping for bugs

Individuals looking to keep their information private often hire detective companies to sweep for bugs. If a person or a business is a target of espionage, bug sweeps can help in retaining their privacy. You might be targeted by someone whose aim is to steal information from you and use the same information to blackmail you in the future.

When businesses are targeted for espionage, competitors are usually the ones to blame, as they wish to gain a competitive advantage. While most people believe that bugs are just planted in movies, this habit is more common than they realize. Bugs, in fact, are often found in hotel rooms. Nevertheless, a private detective can sweep any place for bugs and keep your privacy untouched.

Process serving

Another reason why certain firms, especially law firms, need to hire a private detective company is for the purpose of process serving. This term refers to the delivery of documents to a defendant and is usually conducted by a private detective, known as a process server. The main role of the server is to inform a defendant that he/she is in a legal case process.

Law firms usually hire such investigators to handle this task, as tracking defendants down may prove to be a challenging and time-consuming process. These professionals have the right tools to track these people down and serve the necessary documents in a prompt manner.

Forensic document scrutiny and accounting

Private eyes can be of tremendous assistance in the field of forensic accounting. Not all harmful crimes are violent. For instance, theft, financial fraud, and asset hiding can be equally damaging to businesses and individuals. The investigation process can be focused on bookkeeping, documentation, and digital record checks. Forensic accounting issues cannot always be resolved effectively by in-house personnel.

As far as forensic document scrutiny is concerned, investigators are skilled enough to evaluate paper trails to determine accuracy and authenticity. They perform verification of handwriting and documents, which is incredibly useful in many cases.

Final thoughts

Such detectives can be of great assistance in any of the above-mentioned situations!

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