What to Expect from Cummings & Lewis – A Spartanburg Injury Law Firm

When choosing an attorney for your personal injury case, you may be tempted to believe that they are going to do everything for you. From filing or litigating your claim to fighting and winning the compensation, there are things to expect from the law firm. Of course, the lawyer will guide you and take up most of the trial and settlement negotiations.

However, you have to do some work too. The law firm cannot do everything for you, so working hand-in-glove with them would enable your case to be effective. Now, if this is the first time you would be needing an attorney, you may wonder how to help an attorney who is supposed to render legal help to you. In this article, we will discuss what you can expect from a Spartanburg personal injury lawyer, so you can know how to help your case.

1. They’ll Ask You to Narrate the Events Surrounding the Claim

Before hiring an attorney, you can have the first consultation with them, and it is usually free. During that meeting, they will ask you a lot of questions about the accident and why you are demanding compensation. This discussion is important because it would help the lawyer decide whether they would handle your case.

It is particularly important to tell the lawyer nothing but the truth. This is because you could be shooting yourself in the foot by giving the wrong information to your lawyer. By the time they get to court and face the facts, you will put them in a confused state. 

Because their aim is to help you win your claim, if you do not tell the truth before going to court, the case is as good as lost. And no attorney wants to handle a lost cause. Hence, telling the truth involves giving the right information as well as giving the relevant information. If you omit any key fact, the attorney may be unable to handle the case effectively.

It is important to note that the facts won’t become different whether the attorney becomes aware of them or not. So, it is best to place them on the table to enable the lawyer to know the best way to proceed. Your lawyer can fire you if you are not totally honest with them.

Therefore, ensure that you give them information ahead of time. This will give them room to prepare and provide good legal representation. 

2. They Will Request for Your Paperwork

When you are filing a claim, it is important to keep all the paperwork organized. Your attorney will request it and organizing it makes their work easier. It is also time-saving since they won’t have to organize the documents by themselves.

Furthermore, the attorney may have a tight deadline. They may have to provide answers or counteroffers to insurance companies, or they may have to file a case in court. Thus, having organized paperwork on standby will help them to stay focused on doing the job.

Additionally, you have to make sure that the paperwork is clearly marked and arranged in the correct order. This will enable the attorney to understand it and utilize it without asking you many questions when working to obtain your legal claims.

You may want to watch this video to know how to organize your paperwork for a personal injury claim.

3. They Expect You to Provide Comprehensive and Quick Answers

Your attorney will not only request your paperwork, but they will also need you to provide some facts as the case advances. When they ask you some questions, they have reasons for requesting the information. Thus, it is your duty to give quick answers. You can also ask them when they would expect the answer.

Providing detailed answers is important. This will ensure that the lawyer gets all the information that they need rather than asking more questions. It will also make them very effective and place them in a good position to formulate responses to the insurance firm or the court.

If you want additional time to provide detailed answers, try to find out from the attorney if you can get more room to do so. Your attorney wants to give you their best and may need some time to carry out legal research based on the answers you provide.

4. Let Your Expectations from the Law Firm be Reasonable

Without doubts, the attorney will work really hard for you to get your compensation. This is not only for their personal gain, but it is a legal obligation imposed by the state bar. But that doesn’t mean that the lawyer will guarantee you success. In the end, the weight of the case is dependent on the law and the evidence.

Therefore, your expectations from the attorney as well as that of the outcome of the case must be reasonable. Your attorney has other clients as well as deadlines for other cases, too. So, do not expect them to give you updates every day, especially if the trial on your case has not started. You are allowed to check in often, but not to call them on a daily basis. You may want to visit https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/joshua-slayen/lawyer-client-relationships_b_6827538.html to know how to work with your lawyer.

Your attorney is under an obligation to inform you when there are major developments in your case. They will also work diligently to help you get your claim. But your expectations should be reasonable. 

5. They Want You to Ask Questions When You Don’t Understand

Your attorney will try to explain the case as well as the legal work involved in a layman’s term. They know that you are not an expert in the field of law and don’t hope for you to speak like a person who took some law classes.

Although they’ll explain the terms to you, you have to ask questions when things are still not clear to you. When the legal advice sounds confusing, the attorney will go over it again until you understand it. 


Your personal injury claim can be won, but you have to work with your attorney to make it happen. We have discussed the things to expect from the law firm. That way, you will know how to help them work on your case effectively.

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