Questions to Ask a Truck Accident Attorney Before Hiring Them

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Thousands of commercial trucks are involved in accidents on our roads annually, with many of those resulting in fatalities and serious injuries. While you never expect to be involved in a severe truck accident, they can happen when you least expect it.

If the worst should happen, hiring a lawyer to manage any personal injury claims can be crucial for covering your accident-related costs. However, you don’t need to settle for the first one you find. Consider asking these questions before choosing the best truck accident lawyer for your needs.

Do You Specialize in Truck Accidents?

Hiring a truck accident lawyer over a general lawyer might be in your best interest when you try to hold another party to account for your accident and injuries. While general lawyers are experienced in many different parts of the law, dedicated truck accident lawyers spend all their time focusing on trucks. As a result, they’ve built up the knowledge, experience, and contacts that might provide your case with the strength it needs.

How Much Experience Do You Have?

Every lawyer has to start somewhere, and new personal injury lawyers might be more than capable of winning your case. However, when you have a complex situation involving multiple parties, such as a passenger car driver and a truck company, having attorneys with several years of experience can provide you with much-needed confidence. Ask about how many years they have spent on truck cases, and don’t be afraid to ask for information about their skills and education.

How Much Do You Charge?

When you know your accident-related costs will be beyond your means, asking how much a truck accident lawyer charges can be crucial. If you know up front, you can come up with the necessary funds to ensure they can provide you with the service you require.

When you’re the victim in your accident, your lawyer might operate on a contingency fee basis. This can sometimes be described as ‘no win, no fee’ and means you only pay for your lawyer’s time if you win your case.

Your lawyer agrees to take a fixed percentage if you win, which is generally up to around 40%. If you lose, you only pay for court filing fees, administration fees, and similar, rather than your lawyer’s time.

How Should I Contact You?

Being involved in an accident can be scary enough, but it can be even more so when you don’t know how a case should progress and what you’re supposed to be doing. Being able to contact your lawyer to ask questions and receive information can provide a great deal of relief.

Don’t be afraid to ask how you can contact them to receive the information you need. Some lawyers prefer phone calls or text messages, while others ask that you send emails or deal directly with their support team.

Who Will Be Working On My Case?

Lawyers work long hours on several cases, so they can’t always dedicate all their time to your case alone. As a result, you might feel comfortable asking who will be working alongside them to bring your case to a successful conclusion. Sometimes, junior lawyers might be assigned specific tasks to help your case, while some lawyers rely on assistants to handle time-consuming tasks.

Hiring a truck accident attorney can be one of the first things you do after an accident, but it’s not a process you should rush. Ask questions and find out if the lawyer you choose is the right person for the job.

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